ER & Kinetic "Voices"

Elephant Rebellion members Uran Kabashi and Elgin Bokari taught a workshop for Asian Americans Advancing Justice’s youth group, “Kinetic” for the first time on the topic of generational racism. The prompt was from a poem created by Patrick Rosal called, “About the White Boys who drove by a Second Time to Throw a bucked of Water On me.” Link

After discussing the meaning of the poem we used a writing prompt, “Their fathers gave them their rage as my father gave” as a jump off point for the youth to write out their own analogies. ER President Elgin Bokari wanted to share his freewrite:

“Their fathers gave them their rage

as my father gave me HOPE FOR NEW BEGINNINGS

Soup never tasted so good.

Each day I grow and learn something new

Who I am where I’m from,

Which way should I choose,

But the bitterness of past imbalance always has a way

Of creeping back into the our space,

Rather its victory flags of hatred,

Or Side eye glances at Starbucks

Or the stench of brown’s Bodies laid on streets

Your white flag stains red reminding us of them the same

Color we all possess

The family we are still trying to cultivate.

You can stop, what we have built

The roots are still growing

No more of your fathers lands or view

We change as the winds current

And with that hope will continue to heal..




The class was very rewarding and I believe the Kinetic youth really got a lot out of it. Next week were going to perfect the pieces and turn them into a group piece. Here is a preview of what we are working on with the youth.

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