Still American - Korean Sijo Poetry X Hip-Hop[Trap Beat]

Cover Art: Mo Beats

Cover Art: Mo Beats

As part of #StampedMondays, Elephant Rebellion is releasing 'Still American'. Still American is the second of three Korean Sijo Poetry and Hip-Hop fusions. This one revolves around identity and culture in an ever changing American landscape. Read more to learn about the track and the origins of the original Sijo poem.

In 2013, 12th grader Roberto Santos of Laredo, TX submitted his Sijo poem 'Sijo American' for the Sejong Cultural Society's Sijo competition.

His poem centered around identity and culture struggle while living in the United States.

Here is his poem:
They say go, return to land that I don't know. It makes no sense.
Born and raised American, so Mexico is still foreign.
Culture kept, but this is my home. Immigrant, no: Hispanic.

Elephant Rebellion put a new and fresh twist on Roberto's poem, while creating our own Sijo's and lacing them over a Trap style beat. Check out Still American and let us know what you think!