Hip Hop Performance

Book us for a set of songs from One Love, our debut album! Social justice lyrics and fresh beats made by our artist collective. 

Spoken Word Performance

Book us for a spoken word performance. Topics our poets address are prison reform, undocumented rights, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and other social justice issues. 

Visual arts

We are experienced in a wide variety of visual arts such as live painting, graffiti, stop-motion graphics and many more. This can be the focus point or an engaging addition to your event or performance. 


Know Your Rights Workshop

The Know Your Rights workshop is a relevant education presentation platform to learn about your rights when interacting with law enforcement, or any other authority figure. Knowing your rights is vital to a fair and just interaction that is positive for both the officer and you. The purpose of this workshop is not only to learn your rights, but be able to assert them, as well as to educate others. The workshop will transition to current issues of police misconduct, such as the Mike Brown case, with open discussions and a free write session for the participants to express themselves.

Beatmaking Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of creating a beat, from the melody to the bass line. Versatile beatmakers can help you bring sounds to life in a tailored beat-making workshop for all ages. 

Writing Workshop

Express yourself and explore your identity in a creating writing workshop led by our poets and/or MCs. The purpose of the poetry-writing workshop is to give youth an opportunity to express themselves through written and spoken word and think critically about what makes poetry effective. Participants will be introduced to different styles of spoken word with a few examples of spoken word artists. They will be given prompt based on a topic that is important and relevant to them, so that they can practice writing and editing.

Performance Workshop

Learn the confidence you need to captivate an audience. We will go into spoken word or hip hop performance styles and techniques to capture and engage an audience. Performance is about finding your own voice, whether it's storytelling, rap, or word incorporated into movement and percussion. Participants will practice performing for each other and gain an understanding of how to use different performance techniques to show personality and move an audience. Improv games may be incorporated into this workshop.

Something else in Mind?

Got a new and innovative idea for us to work on? We love learning and taking on new creative endeavors. Do you have a topic you'd like to write and perform about together? Are you working on a new political action? Let us know how we can get involved!