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Empowering community through art and education

Since 2012, Elephant Rebellion has been transforming communities by empowering youth and adults through art and education. Our dedicated artist collective crew has been conducting educational workshops, throwing vibrant events and releasing socially conscious music throughout Chicago and the midwest. Guided by our mission and the tenets of Hip-Hop, our organization focus on education, immigration and incarceration issues our communities face everyday. 


Community Empowerment

Community empowerment is an integral part of Elephant Rebellion's mission. Led by Elgin Bokari, we work to help our community members by providing workshops, art classes & services, performance opportunities and support for grass-roots organizing efforts.

We believe that by empowering our people, we can build self-sustainable communities that can flourish and nurture our youth & adults.

"If you can inspire change with music and poetry, you have been a service to your community."

— John Vietnam