Monotone is an MC, teaching artist, writer, and activist. He writes with intention and delivers with passion; has been honing his skills since 2009, exploring all mediums of art available to him. 

He has been creating, organizing, and performing with Elephant Rebellion since the dawn of ER late 2012. Monotone relates his art to himself before all, focusing on what he knows best. His struggles, pain, moments of reflection, and stories of triumphs are the main ingredients of writings. Philosophies of human nature, the state of our ever-changing societies, the fluctuating divide of good vs. evil are also prevalent throughout his music. Monotone takes very few things more serious than the lyrics of his tracks. 

Monotone has had the opportunity to work with a lot of young immigrant students with Advancing Justice - Chicago's KINETIC program. The KINETIC program facilitated and ran workshops for CPS high school students throughout Chicago; with a curriculum centered around social justice and the immigrant identity. Monotone has also facilitated numerous workshops for youth alongside Elephant Rebellion, sharing his experiences of finding his identity through his art; more specifically his music.