URAN KABASHI - TREASURER & director of marketing

Uran Kabashi is a hip-hop artist and activist from Chicago. He was born in Kosova, and immigrated to Chicago as a refugee in 1999. 

He is one of the founders of Elephant Rebellion, an artist collective based in Uptown Chicago which focuses on developing  socially conscious art with peers and Chicago youth. Uran believes in the power to create social change through art and education and is an activist for a more just world. Uran graduated Loyola University with a Marketing degree to help further his vision of what the music industry should be. 

As a multi-talented artist, Uran is focused on developing his emceeing, production, audio engineering and video editing skills. Along with the art, he is experienced in facilitating educational workshops based on identity, Know Your Rights, beat-making, music production, and many more.