Mike Spex - Songs of Liberation

Mike Spex - Songs of Liberation


Album Notes

All-City Chi-Town Uptown Type of Sound

Songs of Liberation is a the second 22 track LP by Mike Spex, a chi-city legend. 

A mural of holistic freedom songs, Windy City Anthems explores our existence, purpose as human beings on planet earth held hostage by modern day slavery in a massive commercial monster market motivated by money. This is Raw HIP-HOP uncut, voiced by people directly involved in its elements. The original habitat of peace, love, happiness,skills , deejayin emceeing, lyricism & liberation for a Kulture dat isn't plagued by glorifying guns, fluffy mainstream robotics, apartheid ice and all the other usual suspects which plague the airwaves. The sound climate is a beautiful combination of various drum breaks, jazz, orchestra and very distinct samples. Songs of Liberation is a full clip fully loaded with  unforgettable and distinct topics, unapologetic views on keepin HIP-HOP alive in modern day Babylon fettered by typical subject matter, capitalism, clothes, bankrolls, hoes.


 A Dedication to the homie John Vietnam who tragically passed away in August 30 2012

Collabs include an all star list of some of Chicago's best talent: 

  • Z.I.P aka Zeal Is Power aka Criss da Ruler, 
  • Ecliptic Shadow, MoyoD,
  • V-Spex of the Ideologists, 
  • Kevin Miller on Saxophone,
  • Dj Real One, Dj PDQ, Dj BVax,